“Breathe. Look inside. Do the Work”, the words from Gino Chaka Runa (a Peruvian shaman) that guided me in my first Ayahuasca ceremonies. I got to talk with Gino more than a year later on his Waking Up 2017 tour and we dive deep into the world of Shamanism, waking up and healing through plant medicine.

Gino Chaka Runa Podcast

So many interesting questions that I could finally ask him! What is Ayahuasca and how does it heal us? What does it take to be a good shaman and how did Gino found his path? How does a good ceremony lool like and why don’t our intentions matter. We also talk about our soul, about spirit and ego.


  • She doesn’t care about your mind, she only cares about your heart
  • Ayahuasca can heal you by showing you how to heal yourself.
  • She let’s you see whats already there.



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